Sparkling Wine Label and Pack by Laura Ferrario

Laura Ferrario Demonstrates The Il Mosnel Qde 2012 Sparkling Wine Label and Pack

Laura Ferrario, the creator of the awarded work Sparkling Wine Label and Pack:Il Mosnel QdE 2012 by Laura Ferrario spells out, Just as the Iseo Lake splashes on the banks of Franciacorta, so the sparkling wine wets the sides of a glass. The concept is a graphic re-elaboration of the shape of the lake and expresses all the power of a Reserve bottle being poured into a crystal glass. An elegant and lively label, balanced in its graphics and colors, is a daring solution with transparent polypropylene and entirely hot foil gold printing to give new sensations. The pouring out of the wine is underlined on the box, where the graphics wraps around the pack: simple and impactful composed by two “slive et tiroir” elements..

Sparkling Wine Label and Pack by Laura Ferrario Images:


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